Bukti Malaysia adalah Persekutuan, bukan Negara

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Negara Malaysia sebenarnya TIDAK WUJUD, yang wujud hanyalah Persekutuan Malaysia. Gambar ini adalah bukti Malaya menggunakan Jabatan Penerangan sebagai alat propaganda menukar Persekutuan Malaysia menjadi Negara Malaysia.

Please note that the new federation of the 11 States of Malaya and the states of Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah (North Borneo) will be known as MALAYSIA (not Federation of Malaysia). It would be greatly appreciated if you could pass word round to all members of your staff so that in future only the word Malaysia is used when referring to this new federation. - Mohamed Sopiee (Pengarah Jabatan Penerangan Tanah Melayu)

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