Are Malaysian ministers only good at lying?

Monday, 9 June 2014

Mercedita Dayawan the Filipina who was abducted and released together with Chinese national Gao Hua Yuan lately was reported by the Borneo Post to have stated the following:

 (1) A ransom of more than USD6 million was paid by Gao's family;

(2) The duo were returned to Sabah for release by the kidnappers themselves!

What did Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak say on Tweeter:

And what did Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein parrot:

Question 1: Will Abu Sayyaf kidnappers return the victims to Sabah if no ransom was paid?

Question 2: Time and again the incompetent Malaysian government is not capable of protecting Sabahans and tourists from these pirates; what makes readers think they are able to tell the truth...?


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