Fake ICs not from Sabah, claims NGO

Sunday, 15 June 2014

An NGO wants Jeffrey to prove the fake ICs discovered in the peninsula are linked to Sabah.

KOTA KINABALU: The fake Sabah identity cards (ICs) circulating in the peninsula are not from Sabah, claims Pakatan Pro BN, an NGO.

“Those caught with fake Sabah ICs in the peninsula are not from Sabah and have never been to the state,” says Pakatan Pro BN president Zulkarnain Mahdar.

“They obtained their fake Sabah ICs from syndicates operating outside the country,” he said.

He cited the recent example of an Indonesian with a fake Sabah IC who shot dead a woman bank employee in the peninsula. Police did not reveal from where the Indonesian obtained his fake Sabah IC.

Zulkarnain said that he wanted to challenge Star Sabah president Jeffrey Kitingan’s recent statement in the media linking the fake Sabah ICs in peninsula to Sabah.

However, he could not produce any evidence that the fake Sabah ICs detected in the peninsula came from outside the country and not from Sabah.

“It’s embarrassing to genuine Sabahans when the fake Sabah ICs in the peninsula are linked to Sabah,” said Zulkarnain. “We hope that Facebook users stop posting such news in the social media.” - FMT Malaysia Today

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