Negara pengeluar minyak patut tentukan subsidi, bukannya umno Malaya

Monday, 9 June 2014

sama lah bila minyak sudah habis.. tiada subsidi.. yang menanggung kerugian besar adalah negara pengeluar minyak iaitu Sabah dan Sarawak kerana tidak dapat menikmati hasil minyak sendiri.. sepatutnya negara Sabah dan Sarawak berhak mengawal hasil minyak mereka dan menentukan pembahagian subsidi, bukannya penyamun umno Malaya.. Hasil penyelidikan ini jelas membuktikan bahawa Malaya sememangnya bergantung dengan kekayaan negara Sabah dan Sarawak..

It should read or said: 'Higher royalties may mean less petronas revenue'.. our oil production has it's limit, and when it dry one day pertonas will leave Sabah/Sarawak and by then we will get 'zero' royalties.. isn't it sad? - Regi B Puvok

Vitalis Kadoh Petronas is not subject to be audited and what we know is only hear say. The 5 or 20% whether given or not are only the giver and the receiver knows it and both of them are amuno and how much they spend for developement for Sabah, our knowledge are also based on hearsay. I have a feeling that if the 20% of oil royalty is granted to Sabah the subsidy of oil will be withdrawn and eventually the poor motorist will suffer.

Frank Yapp Lai Singh Don't worry ,in this case the state will supplement the federal subsidies .SS are major oil and gas reason why Sabahans and Sarawakians should not enjoy cheaper gas and oil ?

Regi B Puvok Its the same thing when our oil become dry, no more subsidy!

Vitalis Kadoh If no more oil from Sabah of cause the oil will be very expensive and only the rich can afford and poor will send their cars to scrap iron yard.

Douglas John Toidy Relax bah kamurangss...Sabah has the largest reserves and many a reservoir havn't been touch nor drill yet. Just do the numbers .... I know what's in the ground in Sabah.

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