Musa Aman! Why discuss and ask for our own oil?

Saturday, 19 April 2014

why discuss and ask for our own oil? we should demand and fight for it..


Wasser Eingefroren Seriously? Discuss about what? If we let them 'rob' again- another thousand years mean nothing to us.. It's belong to SS- stop robbing what belong to us!!

Sivia Juseng Just take it back it is Sabah and Sarawak properties ... Mereka itu pencuri

Jf Mazmiel Dayou Mentiri Pxx.. Apa mau harap? Cari lagi itu tangki biru..

Bob Dniel Jr. actually he is coward..after that he will make a statement telling the persekutuan has done many good things to sabah instead of 5% oil man..

Abak Rock Swak & Sabah 95% malaya 5%

Azrin Awang Ali ini musa betul2 org sabah kah?

Erispin Lee ....its their culture...even with the Tanduo terrorists, they "discuss"... 

Mani Jack Discussion for silent winwin deal...sleeping with enemy?

Gordon YK Liew Can discuss... Will it be seriously discuss and table in parliament...?

Ewitt Zach Malaya 5%? It should be zero. What they have done all these years? Plundering the wealth of SS. They are shameless penyamun using emergency ordinan 1969! Dia gaduh sana dengan isu perkauman yang diciptakan oleh mereka sendiri, dia curi kuta punya minyak di Negara Sabah Sarawak. Kita tiada kaitan langsung dengan politik di Semenanjung! Parti PBS ditolak untuk melebar sayap di semenanjung, tetapi UMNO boleh masuk SABAH!! Penyamun tahap gaban!!

Ewitt Zach Why begging on your own property?

Dezay J Valentino I agree with admin. The oil from sarawak coast. 100% for sarawak.


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