Bantu ADUN Moyog Tukar Corak Pentadbiran BN Sabah

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Mesej: YB Terrence Siambun (ADUN Moyog) dan PKR Penampang dalam perjuangan untuk memberi kuasa kepada rakyat Penampang untuk memilih pengerusi-pengerusi JKKK kampung pilihan mereka masing-masing. Jesteru, bantulah beliau dan PKR Penampang dalam perjuangan mereka menukar corak pentadbiran BN Sabah yang mahu mengawal segala-galanya dari atas hingga ke akar umbi..


The recent statement by the BN Chairman of Penampang, Datuk Donald Mojuntin during the handling over of appointment certificates to new JKKK chairmen of Moyog and Kapazan raised the question of whether BN-appointed chairmen can perform better than the villagers-appointed chairmen. 

I have stressed it last year that this question should be left to the villagers to decide since they are the ones who would know the JKKK aspirants better than the Government or for the matter of fact, the BN Chairman of Penampang. 

It is indeed a truly sad day for Penampang when BN suddenly decided to revert the JKKK selection system in Penampang back to the 'BN favoritism' system instead of meritocracy for reasons known only to themselves. 

The crux of the matter is that, if BN Penampang leaders wish to see Penampang as a competitive district in the State, then the grassroot, especially the youths, should be given wider opportunity in choosing the best person amongst themselves to look after their respective villages and at the same time, this district must be free from a system which is restrictive and parochial.

I am also perplexed with Mojuntin's statement that 'those who are popular may not be able to perform' which I consider to be a gross insult towards the intelligence of the villagers in Moyog and Kapayan. 

I believe the villagers have their own consideration when choosing over a list of aspirants vying for this post of chairmen such as response-ability, trustworthy, emphatic, passionate for the villagers well-being and most important of all, non-discriminative. Certain individual in a village maybe popular for possessing these leadership traits and thus, surely he/she can perform if the villagers opt to elect that person to be the chairman ! 

So, does the leadership traits which I have mentioned above exist within these BN-appointed JKKK chairmen? I hope so. 

And if Mojuntin, as the BN Penampang Chairman, is indeed very worried that the villagers may end-up choosing incompetent chairmen through the JKKK election, then I don't see any problem for him to issue a reminder to the villagers (if and during election is being held) that they should only elect those with the traits I have mentioned earlier ! 

In the meantime, I will be working together with the villagers in Moyog to monitor the performance of these appointed JKKK chairmen and to start off, I will be increasing my rounds in Moyog to inform the villagers as to what are the areas that need active participation by these chairmen.

9 APRIL 2014


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