Zulkifli Noordin – the depth of political satanism

Thursday, 17 April 2014

“Karpal Singh is the sign of political righteousness. You are sign of political Satanism.”

What do you call a person who rejoices in the demise of another human being? Unmentionables, but if there was a name, it would be Datuk Zulkifli Noordin.

While most people are mourning the loss of former DAP chairman Karpal Singh today, Zulkifli tweeted: “Dalam kemelut Kerajaan PAS Kelantan mahu melaksanakan Hudud dengan bantuan UMNO, Allah telah mematikan Karpal yang menjadi penentang utama perlaksanaannya. (When Kelantan PAS is going through a crisis to implement hudud with the help of UMNO, Allah has killed Karpal who was the main resistance to its implementation.)”

The appalling statement received a backlash from tweet users, including politicians from the ruling coalition, with whom Zulkifli is currently aligned with. Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin swiftly responded with this tweet: “Shut up. Really, shut up.”

Khairy also tweeted in response to a comment by user Shailendar Bar questioning BN’s choice to field Zulkifli as a candidate for the 13th general election: “I disagreed strongly with his candidacy for BN. We don’t need people like him.”

MIC strategy director Datuk Seri S Vell Paari also tweeted in response to Zulkifli: “Karpal Singh is the sign of political righteousness. You are sign of political Satanism.”

Another tweet user, Arunasalam, lashed out: “Zul Noordin what kind of stinking beast are you? You call yourself a true Muslim. You say bad things about a dead man.” User Poobalan retaliated: “Sampah masyarakat talking.”

Another tweet user, who goes by the handle Malaysian, said: “I will never vote for an idiot like you. So over my dead body too!” User Hamdan Alias tweeted: “Such an inhumane statement. Period.”

Zulkifli's comments had been retweeted more than 200 times at the time this article was written.

The negative comments for the tweet did not deter Zulkifli, who churned out another one: “Moga perjuangan untuk melaksanakan Hudud di Kelantan berjaya. Alhamdulillah dengan kesatuan UMNO-PAS dan ketiadaan Karpal, saya percaya laluan makin dipermudahkan.” (May the quest to implement Hudud in Kelantan succeed. Alhamdulillah with the unity of UMNO-PAS and the absence of Karpal, I believe the path (to hudud implementation) will be smoother.”

Zulkifli, you are a living testament of how detestable a supposedly religious person can be. You move around with your skull cap and all, but all you do is spew racially and religiously venomous statements.

Everyone knows of your disappointment and frustration of seeing your political dream buried in Shah Alam, but there is no need to take things to ridiculous levels in your bid to make a comeback. People know for a fact that you are a bigot -- you don't have to strengthen the obvious by insulting a dead man.

Zulkifli’s twitter account has a profile status that says: “I may not be the best human, but I will do my best for humanity!”

Judging by his latest antic, one wonders whether he is human after all.

To Umno, it is high time for it to stop cavorting with bigots like Zulkifli.

Thank God we still have sane and level-headed Umno politicians like Khairy who can draw the line between politics and humanity.


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