'Probe why Kapitan withdrew report' call

Monday, 11 November 2013

Angkatan Perubahan Sabah (APS) Chairman, Paul Kadau, urged the police to investigate whether there were elements of pressure, threat, coercion, etc, behind a senior citizen's decision to withdraw a report made against a "Datuk" for assault and threatening with a pistol.

Kadau also said the incident warrants the Registrar of Societies to cancel KDM Malaysia's registration in which the "Datuk" is said to hold a responsible position, as it obviously has not met its own objectives.

He said as a KDM leader, the "Datuk" is supposed to practise integrity, mutual respect and concerned about people's welfare. Kadau urged the "Datuk" to apologise openly to compensate for his behaviour which has offended senior citizens.

"APS also suggests that the Datuk title be withdrawn," he said.

Meanwhile, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Council of Elders Deputy Chairman Robert Linggi also urged the authorities to revoke the Datukship conferred on the individual involved as well as suspend KDM Malaysia.

Linggi said he believed the individual was not just a KDM Malaysia official but also an Umno member and that by right he had committed an offence under the Penal Code if it is true he used a pistol to threaten a senior citizen who is a Kapitan Cina during an argument in Lido, Kota Kinabalu, on Nov. 2.

"His act has tarnished the image of Umno and KDM Malaysia as well as all KDM people.

"I think KDM leaders should bring this matter to the native court for sogit.

His action also has damaged the reputation of our Huguan Siou.

"During the incident, he reportedly asked the Kapitan, 'Kau tahu siapa saya?'

(Do you know who I am?), obviously referring to his Datukship. I hope the police would investigate the matter seriously," said the former police officer.

Linggi also called on the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to suspend Persatuan KDM Malaysia. "I don't see any good coming from this association. I hope he is not using his position to apply for projects from the Prime Minister.

"I also hope the Prime Minister will no longer give him projects if that had been the case.

All activities organised by him, such as football tournaments should also be stopped immediately," he said.

Linggi said similar incidents involving weapons have happened in the past and necessary action taken. A security officer in Keningau who put his pistol on a table was immediately caught by police who also confiscated the pistol.

In Tenom, a retired officer who showed his pistol to a doctor was arrested and sent to Bukit Padang while his pistol was confiscated by police.

"If the police had followed the law in investigating both cases, I do not see why this man should be allowed to go free.

Who knows, maybe he needs help and should be sent to Bukit Padang for observation if he is suffering from depression or has a mental problem," he said.

- Extracted from TheDailyExpress by Kinabalu Today


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