Assault: 62-year-old Kwok withdrew his police report lodged against Dato’ Peter Anthony

Friday, 8 November 2013

By Johnathan J Ethan

KOTA KINABALU: A senior Sabah MCA leader has expressed regret that Kapitan Cina for Lido, Kwok Leong Ping withdrew his police report lodged against president of KDM-Malaysia, Dato’ Peter Anthony. However, the politician, who only wished to be known as ‘Datuk P’ was glad that Sabah police chief has pledged to proceed with investigations although the report was withdrawn.

‘Datuk P’ also claimed that 62-year-old Kwok who was assaulted by Peter (photo) last Sunday morning had decided to withdraw the report the following day, following ‘friendly advice’ from a key ‘machai’ (unsavoury associate) of Peter who wanted an amicable settlement. ‘Datuk P’ claimed that the ‘machai’ had advised Kwok to withdraw the police report, saying that otherwise it would only further complicate matters, as the police report would certainly incriminate his boss (Peter).

Apparently, Peter realized the seriousness of the police report lodged against him especially when he was accused of not only having brandished his pistol, but also assaulted Kwok and another person (who tried to intervene) with the pistol butt. On Monday, without naming name, The Star reported that Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Hamza Taib confirmed that Sabah police had questioned a ‘Dato’ involved in the alleged assault of the 62-year-old man at the Lido commercial area early Sunday.

It was understood that the Dato’ had acted aggressively after he was being told to move his BMW car parked in the middle of the road which was obstructing traffic prior to the 7am incident. The incident was witnessed by the early morning crowd near the Lido market. The Dato’, identified as Peter, was later released on police bail after the questioning when he turned up himself at the Karamunsing police headquarters, soon after.

(Apparently, he had also lodged a police report claiming that he had no choice but to take out his pistol since he was about to be attacked by a big group of people). This, however, could not be immediately confirmed. Hamza has however confirmed that police have seized the pistol that belonged to Peter. Hamza also said they would proceed with the case although the victim (Kwok) had withdrawn his police report. 
The police chief was quoted as saying, “it does not matter if the person is a Dato’ or not, investigations will continue”. We will refer this case to the Senior Federal Counsel (SFC) as this is not a light matter,” he explained, adding that it would be up to the SFC whether to proceed with the case or not.

Meanwhile, it was reliably learnt that some senior Sabah MCA leaders have vowed to pursue the matter in public interest, as following the said incident, many concerned public members have called up to urge them not to let the culprit get away scot free again.

They claimed that this was not the first time that Peter had acted aggressively. There was also an incident last year, where a group of men chased him to Lido and had it not been for the swift arrival of the cops, an ugly scene could have erupted.

Word is that Peter owns a nightspot in Lido which he frequents to unwind himself. The night spot is said to operate till the wee hours of the morning. There are also those who know him as friend describing him as an approachable, ever-accommodating, generous and helpful person. “But, he can be a totally different person in a short while,” claimed one of his friends.


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