Malaysia is the world’s second most expensive country to buy cars

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Sucks to be a Malaysian car buyer? Think again
Due to the unique structure on how cars in Malaysia is priced, there no doubt that Malaysians fork a lot of money and a longer loan duration in order to purchase a car. Many people thought Malaysia is the most expensive country on this planet to buy a car, and worse, we need cars to travel around since the public transport is still at abysmal state.

Well believe or not, we are at the top three on the list. Based on Jalopnik’s Answer of the Day thread, they asked readers which country has the most expensive to buy a car, before they proceed to compile a top ten list. Interestingly the top three consist of nations on the South East Asia, and best of all they are geographically located nearby.

Settling for bronze is Indonesia. One of the most populous country in the world and have substantial investment from Japanese manufacturers to produce MPVs and yet the cars over there is not cheap. Malaysia meanwhile didn’t win and settled for silver. You may guess it right, the most expensive country and perhaps the suckiest place to be a petrol head in the world, is our neighbours, Singapore. The rich island nation needs a mechanism to control their citizens from car ownership, hence the existence of COE to price their cars high needs no introduction.

The priciest Toyota 86 in the world can be found in Singapore
The comment on below from a Malaysian commenting in Jalopnik is an interesting reflection that there is a price to pay to be a petrol head here.
I would like to nominate Malaysia. Where in Malaysia, the Toyobaru twins cost around $75,000 new while Mercedes SLS AMG cost around $600,000 brand new . This is where a beige mobile such as the Accord and Camry are consider as a luxury car. Plus, Many Malaysian spec car lacks in many safety features but still sold at a higher price. Due to high excise tax and Protection policy for our Local car maker Proton, Many people here only can dream owning a BRZ or a Miata
There are a few surprises on the top ten list, which as below:

10. Cuba
9. North Korea
8.St. Kitts and Nevi
7. UK
6. Brazil
5. China
4. Nicaragua
3. Indonesia
2. Malaysia
1. Singapore

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  1. teka teki teka tekok, kereta tempatan mana yang mahal di negara sendiri tapi murah di negara luar..??

    1. kereta keluaran Malaysia la bro..

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